Flying a kite,

Drinking from a fountain,

Running endlessly,

Walking around holding their barbies hanging,

Smudging to a mud,

Playing under the rain,

Laughing childishly,

Crying over a spilled milk,

Smiling always,

Playing like there’s no tomorrow,

Hiding under the table,

Eating anything they want,

Enjoying lollipop and ice cream every time,

Stress-free and worry-less,

Enjoying life just the way they see it,

Filled with happiness and love…

…just like a child, but now that you’re an adult, “How does it feel to be a kid again?” Nothing to worry, less responsibilities, loved by many, enjoyed life and see it as simple as it is. Happy with a piece of cake, hugs and kisses removes every pain easily. It always feels great to be a kid again, to feel light and happy always and yet you say that one does not simply go back to being a kid. One does not simply take away his responsibilities as a grown up. No matter how life has gotten worse for you, think positively. Life gets better every single day as you move up ahead from one person. A kid is praised for it’s simplicity and happiness it shares for everybody, and we actually don’t leave that behind. As we get older, we add up character, emotions, way of thinking, habit, knowledge, complications and a lot more in our life, it’s up to us if we wanted to get rid of our memories, of how we used to be, of anything about us when we were a kid. Yet as an adult, we should always weigh when is when; when to cry over a spilled milk or should we think first, when to get mad or simply forgive and forget, when to enjoy rest and think if we still have responsibilities to do. We can go back to the basics of life and stay happy, only if we knew how to always think positively. Share happiness and spread God’s love. Life is complicated or simple or unfair or just or endless or ending or brutal or sad or happy or anything. It’s up to us to think, people can’t make it change for us. Only us can make it to however we wanted it to be. Yet I have something to offer today.

Life here is filled with gossips,

With hatred,

With unjust people,

With lies,

With death,

With sickness,

With pain,

With bad memories,

With betrayals,

With temptations,


Everything I said is true, BUT there is much more into it. We are bound with the truth of going to hell and eternal damnation because we are sinners but the Word of God assures us THAT THERE IS A WAY TO HEAVEN AND ETERNAL LIFE, nothing to worry, nothing to cry over, no pain. ALL OF IT ARE PRAISES, SINGING, HAPPINESS. That is how much God loves us. Would we want life today? Yes, maybe, but come to think of it. There’s life after death and it’s eternal. We have to do something NOW, or else it will be too late. Repent for your sins. Know that Jesus Christ died for your sins. It was paid with his blood on the Calvary. You are forgiven if you ask for forgiveness. AND ACCEPT HIM AS YOUR PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR. Simple? Yes, that’s the only way nothing more, nothing less. All we need to do is to accept Him in our lives. It’s now or never. I am eternally secure and I know if I die I will go to heaven. How about you?


Men may not see me, but God can see me; my motivations, my heart, my mind, my intentions, everything that I’m trying to hide to everybody. I am a sinner not to men but to our Heavenly Father, and because of His gift of salvation as a sinner I recognize that His Son, Jesus Christ, is the only way for a sinner like me to go to heaven and be with Him for eternity. This world is not my final home but everything that I do here will be judge and seen at that very day, the second coming of Jesus Christ. I tell you it is nearing; NO DELAYS, NO STOPOVERS, NO TURNING BACK…it is well planned and that is what I am looking forward to.



3-Leaf Clover

I really don’t care now about finding a four-leaf clover. Three-leaf is enough, traditionally each leaves meant Faith, Hope and Love 🙂 I don’t need luck – as the fourth leaf meant – because I already have a blessed life. Contented and happy seeing three-leaf clovers around me. I saw this answer from wiki.answer:

“I just heard this yesterday and it makes perfect sense! The meaning of a 4-leaf clover is commonly known as luck, however the 3 leaf clover’s meaning is happiness. Now people spend all their time looking through fields of clover looking for that one little bit of ‘luck’ and sometimes never find it, but they look right past the obvious, that there is ‘happiness’ all around them, that they can find that happiness in anything and everything, their work, their family, their friends, their life. People are so hell-bent on looking for the luck though. :)” – anonymous

And so it also made sense to me, I always try my best to find one four-leaf clover JUST ONE WILL MAKE ME SUPER HAPPY, because on my own I am expecting something after seeing such. BUT now it made me realize, what if I am able to find one, what’s next? Instead of always looking for some luck or it may be “riches, power, fame” I am contented with what I have, with everything that’s around me because I might lose them one day while looking for something that will be lost again. A three-leaf clover is everywhere, just like every loved ones I have. Happiness is found within us, it depends on how we see happiness. And for me, happiness is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and see things in a different aspect. Look at how God blessed your life even with all the trials, hardships and unimaginable journey. Be happy and spread happiness 😉 ♥


Satan claps his hand and rejoice when we give in to the time of this world.

When soon we forget to give time to what’s important,

When we drop the habit of praying and reading God’s Word,

When we actually love how this world offers us fame,

When we think this is happy ever after,

and forgot that eternal damnation is in front of many,

When we CHRISTIANS neglect our work.


Satan lures our mind to temporary happiness this world offers,

from our damaged past,

from our unworthiness and hopelessness,

from the negativity we see around us,


and soon be forgotten with a bottle of beer.


Do we think hard on these things?

Do we actually want Satan to win?

Do we have something and someone to fight for?


Little we realize that we are on a battle,

A battle that we must face,

A battle that we must win over,

A battle we stand not alone neither forever,

but by the grace of God,


Over A Cup Of Coffee

Let’s have a cup of coffee and talk about it.

I was always wondering how to talk with a friend over something, when to do it, where should we stay and what to actually ask and say. And lately all those thoughts suddenly happens to be in front of me answering my every question. I was with a real good friend in a coffee shop, sitting there, talking about a lot of things, him venting out and asking me what to do while I listen and think about it, me telling stories and letting him know what happened to this and that, we stayed for almost 4 hours (I personally haven’t stayed that much with someone in a coffee shop, I usually get bored all the time). It was a great time to always look back and every time someone would ask me for a cup of coffee, no matter how busy schedule I have, I will always make time for it because I know it will be worth my time.

Treasure all those little chitchats, a cup of coffee will always lighten up your mood.