Great Grace of God

The Grace of God in our lives is much bigger than the demons behind us. They may keep whispering how unworthy we are, how useless, how insignificant, that everything is our fault, that things happen because we are not careful enough, that we are the ones that let things happen, and that what we are […]

Escolta Block Party

Yesterday waaaaas lit! I’ve never been to so many parties but yesterday it was a whole new level of excitement. Escolta St. was known as the center of business way back 16th century, when immigrants would make their fortune during Manila-Acapulco Galleon and it fell down when Makati became the center of business in the […]

Understanding Depression

“Stress, pressure and depression can contribute to physical, emotional and mental pain. Don’t conclude that psychology majors have the perfect well-being..we are normal humans as well incapable of controlling the uncontrolable chain of events. Only God can help us, that’s true, but we need understanding from those people closest to us. Sometimes we are the […]