You Are 25 And Lost

Twenty-five is like a turning point to many people around the world. When you begin to realize “oh, I’m not so young anymore and I’m still stuck.” There are articles reflecting to 25-year-old men and women saying how you could be still at a phase where in your friends are all successful and is walking on just one path with one goal in mind, it might change but not an intense change. They’re standing on a firm ground of no return with no regrets and there you are unstable and scared of the desicions you make or maybe you’re in front of so many paths and you don’t know what to take in and then when you tried walking on a certain path and you would seem so lost and your goal seem so far away.


Twenty-five is such a young age to a lot of people as well, they’d say “You’re not even 30” and some would say “Life begins at 40.” Enjoy your youth while it last don’t put pressure on yourself. Yet, some of us 25-not-so-young-people begin to feel pressure when we see younger than us reaching for the top while we sit on a couch thinking of what could be and where we should be. We may have different walks in life coming from different culture and different families but don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just enough for you to still keep on going looking for the thing that could make you keep on living as well.

Remember a lot of world known humans didn’t know their ‘one thing’ until at a later time of their life.

When you reach 25 you’re like, “I graduated 3 years ago and I haven’t done anything related to what I am supposed to be.” But, dear it’s okay you need to sort things out little by little. You’re not like everybody else, consider your little steps your great success in life. For some it could be so small that they don’t recognize it but you, you should be the one to recognize your small steps while the most important person is watching you and cheering you. And who could that be? It’s our Almighty Heavenly Father, our God. We will never know what kind of life we’ll be living here on earth but He does and no matter what steps you consider to follow remember that you should take a mental note that it should please and be glorifying to our Heavenly Father.


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