Eveyday Blog Post

Hi, so here I am today. I just watched something on facebook where he tries for two years to perfect a landing on a skateboard from a 10ish steps of stairs. He practiced and did it for about 2000 (he guessed) times just to get one perfect landing. And my blog posts are kind of like that; I shoot for it once everyday, not really knowing when I’ll hit my first sensible blog post. Will my dreams and aspirations become real in front of me? Well, I know that if I don’t give up something big will happen. As I mentioned the first time that I’m not really sure if it’ll be crap or if soon I’ll make sense to people but, I’ll keep on trying.

I was always scared of what impact would I bring if I post something or if people would even care about it. I was always afraid to try things out because people might not like it. But then I constantly remind myself that I write everyday to hone my skills and discipline myself into writing everyday. I write to pour my heart out first and then know everything I should know in writing.

You’re reading this and we might be in the same position and I hope I kind of boost you up one way or another.

You’re here and you might think that I lack mostly everything and you might think I know nothing about what I’m doing or I’ll just fail in the end. Yet, as a fellow writer let’s just help each other out instead of pulling people down.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow!


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