Escolta Block Party

Yesterday waaaaas lit! I’ve never been to so many parties but yesterday it was a whole new level of excitement.

Escolta St. was known as the center of business way back 16th century, when immigrants would make their fortune during Manila-Acapulco Galleon and it fell down when Makati became the center of business in the 1960s.

Escolta Block Party was a way to bring back the glory days of Calle de la Escolta as being the center of business. Local sellers and artists gather as a community to commemorate history and heritage. This is one way to let other people, foreigners and the young minds who haven’t seen Escolta St. at its full bloom to take a dip at the ocean of memories. Escolta Block Party aims to hold this event quarterly and they’re just starting, WE’RE JUST STARTING! Woooh! We just had the 3rd EBParty and I say it wasn’t just a party it was more to that and I’m glad to be in it this time.

To learn more about Escolta St. and its history google has way more things to explain 😉 now I’m here to promote our stall yesterday, HauteSis! Kindly follow her everywhere and show your support to local sellers!

That’s for today! See you tomorrow!

We made our way to White Hole Asia as well 😀

Freedom wall! 😀

(c) Escolta Block Party IG acct

Our stall right next to freedom wall so as they snap we got a free exposure on their pages 😀 and I was right at the middle giving back that pen after I drew, ALL SMILES!

Food is everywhere!!

My sister, Annie Bustillos and her business HauteSis follow us on and on IG @haute_sis 😉 you’ll see different products and her hand-made tote bag and pouches ❤


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