Uninspired Thoughts

I made it a point to post an article everyday, for now I don’t have much idea what to put in my upcoming blogs or what would be my theme for a certain period of time but all I know is that after almost 5 hours of working in an article given to me this article of mine relaxes my brain so much. It feels great!

I am just typing not really focusing on who’s gonna read this thing or if it will impact somebody one day.

Things are moving right now, it wasn’t as passive as the past few months. I am seeing lights and paths to take but I constantly remind myself, “One at a time, one at a time.” I am thrilled to see that I have goals right now, short-term goals and even long-term goals! It feels like it’s the first time I truly understand the meaning of having and keeping goals. I’ve been the kind of person who doesn’t naturally keep a list of goals, I feel like I do things just as the days, weeks, months pass by. I do things until I’m gone for good but that’s not the way I was shaped into this world, it wasn’t the way I am supposed to live. Yes you may argue that there are people who’s exactly like that but let’s leave them alone in this article. This is about me anyway.

So yeah, for the record I don’t like posting stuff that I’m not inspired while working on it but I should work on things that keeps me away from my comfort zone.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow 🙂


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