Uninspired Thoughts

Who are my audience anyway? Why do I have to write every day? Well for once it relaxes the mind, you only think of what to write or you write what you think. Either way it helps me calm down, release the things I wanted to say and put it into writing; into an art.

I am not sure to whom I should write. Who should be the one reading this article? Then I go back to square one and answer it myself; I should be the one reading this, that this is entirely for me.

I was inspired by someone from the internet who do things every day even though he doesn’t feel like it some days, because by doing so meant he is practicing and later on he became good at it. I ALWAYS wanted to be someone who writes and people will read my works. The missing link though, I wasn’t doing it every day, I do it once every other week, I do it when I feel like doing it. That if I do it and I am not as inspired as I should be, my work’s a crap. Yet, that’s the point of it all – to do it during uninspired times and just release everything on your mind. I’m here writing but I don’t know if I’m even making sense. The thing is writing or doing things during uninspired moments are the times wherein you’re  out of your zone and you discipline yourself to continue day by day what you wanted to be good at.

I worked as a freelancer and write articles for my Indian employer, no money yet BUT I told myself that if I do these things every day and I discipline myself writing every day I could be good at it in the long run. I am amazed by people who started small and can now do big things just because they do what they wanna be good at every single day.

That’s for today! This is my first inspiration for myself.


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