Fifty Philippine Peso

I’ve had so many stories regarding the 50 Philippine Peso. It’s a small amount of money for some, but for most it’s worth a lot.

It could be an addition to someone saving for their tuition fee, payment for scrap food on the table for family of ten, payment in the parking lot, a complete meal for students, an addition to the fare of a working father from Bulacan to Manila – who goes back and forth everyday for his family, or maybe a medicine to relieve a flu, food for their pets; and seriously, A LOT MORE.

My memory about 50 Philippine Peso or 50 Php is so much more. I’ve heard from my mom how my 2nd eldest brother was given a 50 Php from my father’s mother as a gift when he was a kid before entering school days and what he did to that amazes them; he threw it in a canal near my grandma’s place thinking it was a piggy bank. At that time 50 Php is worth a lot! The conversion back then was between 20ish to 25ish per dollar. My parents got angry at our grandma because as they say “Hindi pa marunong humawak ng pera ‘yan” (He doesn’t know how to handle money yet). We were taught to keep and save up money because it doesn’t grow on trees.

I remember another story, where in all I have is 50 Php going home. I paid the jeepney driver and said my location, I waited because I knew he doesn’t have a change for my payment and almost every passenger gave a bill. Three of us paid 50 Php and he only gave the change for the two passengers except me. We had an exchange of discussion on to how came he only had two 50 Php on hand and three of us paid. I was even the first one to pay, the discussion got heated up and I ended up saying that that’s all I have and I don’t really know what magical creature took his other 50 Php. I still got my money because he doesn’t have a change for it and decided to give it back to me. I learned to always have my coins ready.

Another memory of 50 Php was when our school celebrated it’s 50 years they printed out a 50 Php with our school logo on it. I wasn’t able to have it before but my boyfriend had it and he gave it to me. Now I have it in my wallet, always just in case of trouble.

At the end of the story there’s always it’s moral. So what am I really trying to say? Don’t waste money for anything? Nah, what I wanted to say is, every thing has it’s own story and memory of it. What you do to that memory or story is all on you, publish it, recreate it, seal it in a bottle; heck I don’t really care but at the end of the day it’s yours no one is allowed to take it from you or judge you by it. Life is colored with memories, stained with mistakes, covered with how people stare at you but all in all it’s an art painted with everyone around you and only God sees the beauty of it because let’s admit it even ourselves, we can’t see the beauty of our own life. Cherish it.


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