Flying a kite, Drinking from a fountain, Running endlessly, Walking around holding their barbies hanging, Smudging to a mud, Playing under the rain, Laughing childishly, Crying over a spilled milk, Smiling always, Playing like there’s no tomorrow, Hiding under the table, Eating anything they want, Enjoying lollipop and ice cream every time, Stress-free and worry-less, […]

Men may not see me, but God can see me; my motivations, my heart, my mind, my intentions, everything that I’m trying to hide to everybody. I am a sinner not to men but to our Heavenly Father, and because of His gift of salvation as a sinner I recognize that His Son, Jesus Christ, […]

3-Leaf Clover

I really don’t care now about finding a four-leaf clover. Three-leaf is enough, traditionally each leaves meant Faith, Hope and Love 🙂 I don’t need luck – as the fourth leaf meant – because I already have a blessed life. Contented and happy seeing three-leaf clovers around me. I saw this answer from wiki.answer: “I […]

Over A Cup Of Coffee

Let’s have a cup of coffee and talk about it. I was always wondering how to talk with a friend over something, when to do it, where should we stay and what to actually ask and say. And lately all those thoughts suddenly happens to be in front of me answering my every question. I […]