Great Grace of God

The Grace of God in our lives is much bigger than the demons behind us. They may keep whispering how unworthy we are, how useless, how insignificant, that everything is our fault, that things happen because we are not careful enough, that we are the ones that let things happen, and that what we are feeling will never be better. BUT, if we get to experience the LOVE God has given us and we let this negative thoughts or too much thoughts be dropped even for a day, we will be able to feel the comfort God can offer.

“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18 KJV

Let’s not depend our emotions on what is happening in this world at the moment but rather look on what God can offer, the eternal things. The more important things that we should focus on.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” Revelation 21:4 KJV

And now you may ask how is this even possible. After all this years, you may be suffering for a year now or some would be more than five or ten years. I’ve been there too, ten years to be exact and now I can say how great is God’s faithfulness in my life despite that I became unfaithful and I stopped worshipping and praising him. He has been there always! “And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee:…” Deutoronomy 31:8 KJV

Come to Him, accept His love and the salvation He offers. We are in a world that is only temporary. Live for Him who died for you.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 KJV

“That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 NKJV

“And this salvation will be your greatest armor, your assurance that the things happening in your life now will soon pass away. “But the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD: he is their strength in the time of trouble.” Psalms 37:39 KJV


Escolta Block Party

Yesterday waaaaas lit! I’ve never been to so many parties but yesterday it was a whole new level of excitement.

Escolta St. was known as the center of business way back 16th century, when immigrants would make their fortune during Manila-Acapulco Galleon and it fell down when Makati became the center of business in the 1960s.

Escolta Block Party was a way to bring back the glory days of Calle de la Escolta as being the center of business. Local sellers and artists gather as a community to commemorate history and heritage. This is one way to let other people, foreigners and the young minds who haven’t seen Escolta St. at its full bloom to take a dip at the ocean of memories. Escolta Block Party aims to hold this event quarterly and they’re just starting, WE’RE JUST STARTING! Woooh! We just had the 3rd EBParty and I say it wasn’t just a party it was more to that and I’m glad to be in it this time.

To learn more about Escolta St. and its history google has way more things to explain 😉 now I’m here to promote our stall yesterday, HauteSis! Kindly follow her everywhere and show your support to local sellers!

That’s for today! See you tomorrow!

We made our way to White Hole Asia as well 😀

Freedom wall! 😀

(c) Escolta Block Party IG acct

Our stall right next to freedom wall so as they snap we got a free exposure on their pages 😀 and I was right at the middle giving back that pen after I drew, ALL SMILES!

Food is everywhere!!

My sister, Annie Bustillos and her business HauteSis follow us on and on IG @haute_sis 😉 you’ll see different products and her hand-made tote bag and pouches ❤

Uninspired Thoughts

Who are my audience anyway? Why do I have to write every day? Well for once it relaxes the mind, you only think of what to write or you write what you think. Either way it helps me calm down, release the things I wanted to say and put it into writing; into an art.

I am not sure to whom I should write. Who should be the one reading this article? Then I go back to square one and answer it myself; I should be the one reading this, that this is entirely for me.

I was inspired by someone from the internet who do things every day even though he doesn’t feel like it some days, because by doing so meant he is practicing and later on he became good at it. I ALWAYS wanted to be someone who writes and people will read my works. The missing link though, I wasn’t doing it every day, I do it once every other week, I do it when I feel like doing it. That if I do it and I am not as inspired as I should be, my work’s a crap. Yet, that’s the point of it all – to do it during uninspired times and just release everything on your mind. I’m here writing but I don’t know if I’m even making sense. The thing is writing or doing things during uninspired moments are the times wherein you’re  out of your zone and you discipline yourself to continue day by day what you wanted to be good at.

I worked as a freelancer and write articles for my Indian employer, no money yet BUT I told myself that if I do these things every day and I discipline myself writing every day I could be good at it in the long run. I am amazed by people who started small and can now do big things just because they do what they wanna be good at every single day.

That’s for today! This is my first inspiration for myself.

What I could’ve missed

I could’ve missed the sunrise when I wake up, the morning breeze that would pass through my window.

I could’ve missed the morning and goodbye kisses from my husband as he goes off to work; the breakfast we’d share, and the coffee that I love.

I could’ve missed the chats from my mom, my brothers, my dad, my friends, and my relatives. We’d talk for a while, laugh at silly jokes, and would ask when we’d see again.

I could’ve missed the books I’ll pass by and buy because I know it’ll be a good read, my favorite foods and drinks, and the coziness my bed has to offer.

I could’ve missed the Dr. Fishes in that hot spring and the happiness from the old man who was able to walk under water even he was diagnosed that he can’t walk anymore.

I could’ve missed the movies and tv episodes that I enjoyed watching now.

I could’ve missed the sunset and the time I’m counting ’til my husband comes home from a tiring day at work, the dinner we’d share and sometimes the midnight snack we love to binge on.

I could’ve missed the smile of the people around me and the cheer they’d do for me as I continue on my life. I could’ve missed the love I am getting from them.

I could be in a better place by now, I’ll be at peace. I could be in comfort with the Lord by now. Emptiness, darkness, unexplainable heaviness, it could be over by now.

I chose death, but God has a plan for me. Yes, the toughest journey will end but what about the loved ones that I could have left. They’d be devastated, they’d spend their first holidays, first birthdays, marriage, first born babies without me and they’d long that I should’ve been there. They’ll keep wondering why. They’ll keep asking if they could have done something for me, to keep me from taking my life away. And God knows what but they could end up depressed as well due to post traumatic stress. I know what you’ll say that they’ll just realize everything when it’s over when you’re dead. It’s difficult right? But you’re not alone.

God chose life for me, He always chooses life for me. He kept me alive, He made me see that I am loved not just for a day but for a lifetime.

Depression coming from anything isn’t something easy. I know, and you’re not alone. I’m still fighting for it but instead of choosing darkness I chose life now. I chose to live for myself, for God who continuously breathing life in me. We’re given this path for a reason and I know how painful to hear that and not knowing the reason why. But please continue to fight on. Continue the battle. Whether you’re suicidal or you’ve committed suicide as well and you’ve tried a lot to stop the madness in your mind, know that I am praying for you and for your future. You’re not alone.

I could’ve missed everything, but I’m still here experiencing things I never imagined. There are dark times and it’s really bad when it comes, but focus on the good times even it’s just a few good times. Focus on breathing. I love you and you will always be loved.

I meant, Thank You

Sorry became a word I used so often even though I meant to say was “Thank you”. I accustomed myself into saying sorry when I feel that I should’ve not talked to you because I might’ve drained your energy with my constant depressive talks. I say sorry even though it wasn’t my fault just so the other person wouldn’t go away. I say sorry even at myself. The cycle continued for so long that I can’t get it out of my system.

Then one day, I was reminded to say thank you even though I wanted so bad to apologize. It started with a simple, “Thank you for being here with me.” Then every single day I told myself to thank God even in the simplest reason. For waking up, for breathing, for walking, for the sun, for the weather, for the jeepney driver, for the things that make up my day. UNTIL I STOPPED SAYING SORRY WHEN I MEANT TO SAY THANK YOU. I felt lighter everyday and the constant voice that tells me, “It was your fault.” stopped as well. Thinking about the things a had to thank God for became my way of communication to Him and I started saying thank you to people I meet everyday. To the bus driver and conductor, the MMDA officer, the police officer, the jeepney driver, the vendor of my favorite kakanin, and to the people closest to my heart. I began changing my perspective, I saw how beautiful God made my life and how the circumstances I had for 10 years made me see the wonders God has to offer.

I saw how beautiful God made my life and how the circumstances I had for 10 years made me see the wonders God has to offer

We might have a different view onto how we see things around us. I don’t want you to change as well and be more thankful, what I wanted to impart is that a little appreciation can pass out great things to other people. You don’t need to say it as well to everyone you see; just think about it. You’re reading this, aren’t you thankful for the eyes that can read and a mind that can comprehend? Those are few things to thank God for and I’m beyond amazed! How much more of the big things that we have in the whole universe? God’s love towards us is pouring and overflowing. That’s happiness and that’s the kind of love we need.

God’s love towards us is pouring and overflowing

Did I waste your precious time reading this? I hope not. Sorry if I do, but nope I’m not sorry. I meant to say THANK YOU!


Fifty Philippine Peso

I’ve had so many stories regarding the 50 Philippine Peso. It’s a small amount of money for some, but for most it’s worth a lot.

It could be an addition to someone saving for their tuition fee, payment for scrap food on the table for family of ten, payment in the parking lot, a complete meal for students, an addition to the fare of a working father from Bulacan to Manila – who goes back and forth everyday for his family, or maybe a medicine to relieve a flu, food for their pets; and seriously, A LOT MORE.

My memory about 50 Philippine Peso or 50 Php is so much more. I’ve heard from my mom how my 2nd eldest brother was given a 50 Php from my father’s mother as a gift when he was a kid before entering school days and what he did to that amazes them; he threw it in a canal near my grandma’s place thinking it was a piggy bank. At that time 50 Php is worth a lot! The conversion back then was between 20ish to 25ish per dollar. My parents got angry at our grandma because as they say “Hindi pa marunong humawak ng pera ‘yan” (He doesn’t know how to handle money yet). We were taught to keep and save up money because it doesn’t grow on trees.

I remember another story, where in all I have is 50 Php going home. I paid the jeepney driver and said my location, I waited because I knew he doesn’t have a change for my payment and almost every passenger gave a bill. Three of us paid 50 Php and he only gave the change for the two passengers except me. We had an exchange of discussion on to how came he only had two 50 Php on hand and three of us paid. I was even the first one to pay, the discussion got heated up and I ended up saying that that’s all I have and I don’t really know what magical creature took his other 50 Php. I still got my money because he doesn’t have a change for it and decided to give it back to me. I learned to always have my coins ready.

Another memory of 50 Php was when our school celebrated it’s 50 years they printed out a 50 Php with our school logo on it. I wasn’t able to have it before but my boyfriend had it and he gave it to me. Now I have it in my wallet, always just in case of trouble.

At the end of the story there’s always it’s moral. So what am I really trying to say? Don’t waste money for anything? Nah, what I wanted to say is, every thing has it’s own story and memory of it. What you do to that memory or story is all on you, publish it, recreate it, seal it in a bottle; heck I don’t really care but at the end of the day it’s yours no one is allowed to take it from you or judge you by it. Life is colored with memories, stained with mistakes, covered with how people stare at you but all in all it’s an art painted with everyone around you and only God sees the beauty of it because let’s admit it even ourselves, we can’t see the beauty of our own life. Cherish it.

Understanding Depression

“Stress, pressure and depression can contribute to physical, emotional and mental pain. Don’t conclude that psychology majors have the perfect well-being..we are normal humans as well incapable of controlling the uncontrolable chain of events. Only God can help us, that’s true, but we need understanding from those people closest to us. Sometimes we are the most vulnerable kind of people because even if we wanted people to understand us we can’t, we just kept thinking deep down our icebergs. Simple words would matter a lot may it be positive or negative that could lift us up or crash us down easily.”

– Mind of Depression

I believe

I believe

“I believe that there’s no such thing as stay-in’s for negativity. I believe that contentment is the best medicine for a happy and healthy heart. I believe that smiling is contagious. I believe that no one’s born evil. I believe in many chances; not just seconds. I believe in pain and it’s twin, strength. I believe in yellow and happiness.”
– MKay

God’s gift: A MOTHER


God gave you feet,

For you to walk in a godly way

As your children follow,

God gave you hands,

To carry, nurture, wipe our tears, and pray

As your children needs them,

God gave you shoulders,

For you to lend

As your child cries over a spilled milk,

God gave you eyes,

To see through your children

Every time they try to hide the pain,

God gave you ears,

To listen carefully to your children

Even to their silly stories,

God gave you mouth,

To speak according to God’s Word

As you discipline and teach your children,

God gave you wisdom,

Unimaginable that only you can understand almost everything

As your children asks for your help,

God gave you strength,

To endure every hardship

As you come across some earthly battles,

Lastly, God gave you a heart,

To humbly submit to your husband,

To continuously love your children,

To be kind, loving and understanding.



For to love You will never be a mistake,

To grow old with You is inevitable,

To laugh and cry because of You is explainable,

To see every thing with You is beyond expectations,

To cherish every moment is always,

To live freely with You is happiness.


To lose You is unimaginable,

To live without You is pain,

To feel so much pain is strength,

To have strength is to live stronger,

To be stronger  is only from YOU.


I may not understand every single thing about my life, but one thing is for sure. I WILL LIVE UP TRUSTING AND OBEYING MY HEAVENLY FATHER.